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0451R T Handle Screwdriver Set High Quality Steel Screwdriver Hand Tools For Mechanic & Multiuse Tool ( 15 pcs )

Description :- 

T Shape Screwdriver Set Batch Head Ratchet Pawl Socket Spanner Hand Tools

T spanner Socket Set a socket set is the important tool that is used to tighten up or loosen bolts and nuts. you can use socket sets on various tasks such as car repair, washing machines, cupboards, plumbing work and replacement of fasteners such as nuts, bolts and torx fittings.

  • This is a durable product

  • T Shape Screwdriver Set

  • Used to tighten up or loosen bolts and nuts

  • 15-pc T spanner Socket Set Use for every hardware equipment

  • It ensures you get the best usage for a longer period

  • High Quality Steel Screw Driver 

Dimension :-

Volu. Weight (Gm) :- 220

               Product Weight (Gm) :- 240

               Ship Weight (Gm) :- 240

               Length (Cm) :- 25

               Breadth (Cm) :- 14

               Height (Cm) :- 3
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