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Kitchen Multipurpose Unique Vegetable Colander & Fruit Basket with Handle

The Double Plastic Wash Basket and colander set uses the force of gravity in a subtle way. This enhances and speeds up the cooking and serving process, making your life easier. The multifunctional kitchen aid has an innovative rotation system design.

The outer layer can be rotated upwards to let water drain from the colander while keeping food secure and in place. The process of cleaning and washing just got easier. This helps you easily wash, drain, serve, mix and even defrost food.

Adorable colour adds fun and beauty to your kitchen decoration and food preparation.

A strong base helps them stay stable on any counter top, also protect the bowl.

Elongated holes draw water away from food, speeding up the straining process.

Detachable bowl and colander makes it convenient for different uses.

The humanized comfortable handles help it stay in your hands.

Has a handle on the back of the device, can easily control and tip the outer bowl to dump the water.

Keeping foods safe from falling into the sink and dirtying your fruits or veggies.

Save water by not keeping them under running water for large amounts of time.


Strainers For Kitchen

Handy product

Easy to use & clean.

Easy Storage & Easy Access

Multi purpose


Product name: Drain basket

Color: Red, Green

Material: PP

Package Contents: 1 x Double Layer Fruit Basket

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