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1267 Stainless Steel Nail Cutter - Smooth Curvy Edges to Fit in The Natural Curves of Your Nails ( 1 pcs )

Description :- 

Our nail's health holds as much importance as our body's health. Proper nail hygiene is a must to stay away from various health diseases. One should trim their nails once a week, as well-groomed nails are necessary to avoid the risk of breaking, scratching and keeping nail problems at bay.

  • Best Nail Trimmer :The nail clippers sets use comfortable ergonomic shape to lever, and the curved edge follows the natural shape of the nail. Make every use smooth and simple, suitable for all kinds of nails.

  • Ultra Sharp Blades :The sharpest and hand polished cutting edge, sharp stainless steel blade can cut thick nails smoothly and easily, no jagged nail edges. effectively preventing nails and toenails from cracking.

  • Premium Stainless Steel :These nail clippers are made of solid zinc alloy stainless steel precision blades and anti-skid bars, which are durable, Mould proof and rust proof. Good quality is enough to make it durable.

  • Easy to Carry :Each nail clipper has Key chain holes and sharp enough blades. It is convenient for daily multi-functional use, portable, suitable for various types of people's nails. It will be a unique gift for your loved ones, relatives and friends.

  • Precise: Nail clipper set (large and small) contains fingernail and toenail clippers giving you the right tool for the job while reducing the risk of spreading nail fungus.

    Dimension :- 

    Volu. Weight (Gm) :- 15

    Product Weight (Gm) :- 14

    Ship Weight (Gm) :- 15

    Length (Cm) :- 6

    Breadth (Cm) :- 1

    Height (Cm) :- 4

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