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Gardening Tools Big Sized Hand Cultivator, Garden Fork, Hand Weeder Straight and Trowel -4pcs (Multicolor)

Our gardening kit set contains 4 tools for different usage (Hand Cultivator, Small Trowel, Garden Fork, Hand Weeder Straight). It is capable of digging, plants transferring, weeding, loosening ventilating in yard, herb and vegetable garden. Our gardening tool set can offer you a long-time serving duration with proper caring.

This 4-piece Garden Tool Set is perfect for all gardens and indoor plants.

Weeding Fork 

Unique Weeding Fork Design to Simplify the Process

This weeding fork is a great choice for leveling and loosening the soil. Its unique design increases the weeding efficiency and makes the gardening process easier.

The weeding fork is suitable for loosening soil, cleaning particular area etc

Hand Cultivator

A cultivator is designed to draw straight lines in your soil to better prepare for planting. The Garden hand rake features a wide three-prong stainless-steel head to dig and scratch in the soil, loosening dirt and creating trenches. Use our matching hand trowel and transplanter to finish planting your seeds or plants. Also great for light weeding.


Transplanting trowel has depth measurements on it for quick reference. And This tool is perfect for delicate transplanting jobs.

Hand trowel is suitable for all small digging jobs when planting, taking up plants, turning up earth and more.

Hand Weeder Straight

This handheld weeder has a sharp and strong forked tip which is perfect for removing dandelions and tougher weeds. Handheld weeder tool perfect for removing dandelions and tougher weeds like thistle, queen Anne’s lace, and burdock from garden or lawn without digging wide hoes to get the entire root

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