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Magnifying Glass with 3 LED Light 3X Power and Rubberized Handle

 A magnifying glass can come in handy when you are reading the fine prints in a book, doing close-up work with your favorite hobby or completing tasks where precision matters. You can even use it to make out small text on those pesky pill bottles. Magnifie is a true must have for people with low vision, hobbyists, and professionals.

Highlights :


The magnifier is made of high quality glass. White Energy-efficien LED bulbs require batteries lasting for a long time.


It is composed of Comfortable & Non-slip ergonomic handle and scratch resist clear lens loupe. Lightweight durable frame - scratch resist. The optical lens is as smooth and clear as glass, small detials can be show clearly.


It's convenient to turn lights with ON/OFF switch, slots are designed so that the lighting time is long enough for use. Excellent for reading, circuits, jewellery evaluating, etc. Very bright illumination and magnification that are suitable for night reading, antique appreciation, small prints, texts, tiny crafts and electronic parts. The ligh-tweight magnifier is ideal for traveling, outdoors, and

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