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Printed Attractive Color Design small Pedal Bucket Dustbin

This sturdy plastic dustbin carries an ergonomic design to house your household waste. It is equipped with a leg pedal that helps to open the dustbin lid without having to touch it with your hands. The lid keeps away the odour from spreading in the ambience. Keep your environment clean with this modern day dustbin.

Keep your house clean and healthy by putting your household waste in this Plastic Dustbin. A 100 percent Virgin Plastic Dustbin Which Is Foot Operated And Awesome In Quality. It is commonly used in offices, living areas and inside the rooms. The design complements your beautiful homes and adds a touch of luxury to your office cabins. This bin comes handy for use. 

? This garbage bin is made from quality plastic. It makes the bin strong and sturdy and ensures that it lasts longer.

? Easy to clean, Suitable For: Indoor & Outdoor

? Modern Design Pedal bin with rich colour options

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