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5248 Refrigerator Organizer Bins Stackable Fridge Organizers for Freezer, Kitchen, Cabinets Box 

Description :- 

1. Keep your refrigerator, freezer, countertops, kitchen cabinet or pantry neatly organized with these stackable fridge organizer
pantry storage bins.

2. Ideal sized to fit fruits, vegetables yogurts, canned goods, food packets, cheese, meat, also good for storing dry goods in the
pantry. Ideal for kitchens, countertops, pantry shelves, refrigerators, freezers, cabinets, or as drawer organizers.

3. Practical Stackable design to help maximize your space. Stack or use them side by side to keep items organized and easy to find.

4. Great for closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, craft rooms, mudrooms, offices, play rooms, garages, or any room of your

Dimension :- 

                Volu. Weight (Gm) :- 766

                Product Weight (Gm) :- 543

                Ship Weight (Gm) :- 766

                Length (Cm) :- 30

                Breadth (Cm) :- 21

                Height (Cm) :- 6

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